Visit Sprouts for This Bar Saves Lives

this bar saves lives

The school year is sneaking up... quick!  I've been trying to think of daily snacks to send my children to school with this year, something both healthy and fun. When I was introduced to This Bar Saves Lives, a non-GMO snack bar with chocolate, vanilla and berry flavors, I knew I had to find a store and stock up.  But there was more to stocking up than for the taste. I found out This Bar Saves Lives really does save lives, and … [Read more...]

What Did We Smell In The Febreze Noseblind Challenge?


The first thing I notice in someone's home is the way the house smells.  But what I smell, might not be the same as what the homeowner smells.  See, the majority of Americans are noseblind to the odors in their homes and cars.  (Yes, that's true!)  Noseblindness is the gradual acclimation to the smells of one's home, car and other personal belongings, in which the affected does not notice them... even when their guest … [Read more...]

Check Out The View in Hyatt Regency Dallas Hotel at Reunion Tower

Hyatt Regency Dallas

Summer is a great time to take a staycation!  With an effort to beat indoor boredom and high hopes to forget about the heat, we took a road trip to Dallas to visit Reunion Tower and sleep at the Hyatt Regency Dallas Hotel.  There are so many different hotels in Dallas, but we found there was so much to offer, within minutes of this particular room. The Hyatt Regency Dallas Hotel is located right next door to Reunion Tower or the … [Read more...]

Get Digestive Issues and Weight Under Control With ProbioSlim

probioslim review

I often have days with digestive issues causing complications.  Especially when I travel.  I looked for ways to lighten some of the discomfort, and found out about ProbioSlim.   ProbioSlim combines Probiotics and Prebiotics to promote healthy digestion, replinish good bacteria and aid in weight loss. Probiotics are good bacteria that live in your digestive system and are essential for proper digestive function and overall … [Read more...]

Raise Funds For Soccer Teams With Pear

pear soccer team

As soon as my oldest son could kick a ball, we knew he'd be a soccer player.  In his 4th year of soccer, he's one who rarely misses a practice or game, cheering on his team whether they are winning or losing...  Which has brought on a love of soccer balls with my daughter and youngest son, too.  The sport has become a passion in our family. Our new lifestyle now knows the sport takes up both our weekends and bank accounts, … [Read more...]

Things I Love About the Lush Store

Lush Store

While on a recent Girls Night Out press trip, we made time on our schedule to visit a Lush Cosmetics store.  Oh. My. Lush! Lush, a company who got it's start in the United Kingdom in 1995, makes all the body products we know and love, but in a way you will appreciate:  all natural. You can also appreciate the employees from the moment you walk into the store.   With their helpful advice and excitement about the product, … [Read more...]