About Dawn Monroe


dawn monroe dallas

My name is Dawn.  I am a 30(ish) year old Fort Worth, Texas mom of four children, with my oldest being 12 years old and my youngest under the age of one.  I was born and raised in south Louisiana, and moved to Texas by means of a job transfer for my husband.  It was great that we were taking on a new adventure and getting away from the Louisiana hurricanes, but it wasn’t so great that my husband’s company would downsize just months later… leaving us without an income for a full year.

Being unemployed taught us life lessons and brought blessings in many ways.

Deals, coupons and my stockpile got us through minimum spending that year.  By shopping smarter, I learned we could still have fun and enjoy most of the things we were used to enjoying.

I have always been a savvy person, getting the latest deals and saving lots of money at the store.  Some say I have “an eye for the clearance stickers” and know “just where to find the best prices”.  Others say I am always “in the know” while many often call me for information on the latest products.  ….And that’s how The Frugal Mom started.

The Frugal Mom has grown to so much more than just deals and coupons.  Now, I focus on sharing information on events, products, tips, recipes, travel stories, etc.  And sometimes you might find a fun giveaway, too!

You can connect with me on facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and by email: thefrugalmom@hotmail.com