Swim Across The Yucatan At Rainforest Cafe in San Antonio

Have you ever wanted to visit the Yucatan?  It’s on my “life list” of places to visit, and as I close my eyes, I can imagine the beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, amazing sights and the food!  I can definitely smell what’s cooking in the area, but that’s probably because on our last visit to Rainforest Cafe in San Antonio, we ate from the Across the Yucatan menu.  And it was incredible.


Usually, my go-to menu choice at Rainforest Cafe is the Guacamole Burger.  It’s served with an onion ring, bacon, perfectly seasoned guacamole, a perfectly matched bun and a side of french fries. 


But on this particular day, I let my husband order that while I took a trip to the tropics!  I read over the special Across the Yucatan menu, and after some hard thinking, I decided to try the Parrilla Yucatan.  Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

rainforest cafe yucatan menu

It was.  The Parrilla Yucatan includes Shrimp En Brochette with BBQ sauce, grilled chicken with Monterey Jack cheese, grilled mahi mahi with mango salsa and Yucatan vegetables.  And it tasted as good as it sounds.

I do wish the dish had more Shrimp En Brochette, as those were incredibly delicious. (And three just weren’t enough for me!)  I also loved the mahi mahi with mango salsa!  I could have just eaten that …and ten shrimp!

rainforest cafe yucatan menu

I think we’re going to go back to Rainforest Cafe in Grapevine, TX to try the other Yucatan menu selections before they don’t offer them anymore.  I would love to try the coconut shrimp, blackened tilapia or crab legs!  (I know… just put me on the island already!)  And if seafood isn’t your thing, they have ribs, steak and an Awesome Appetizer Adventure, which is a great combination for the table to share!

And speaking of appetizers, my children ate the Beef Lava Nachos as their meal.  This came out on a huge platter – plenty for three hungry children to share!

rainforest cafe yucatan menu

And let’s not forget about the famous volcano dessert or the signature drinks.  The Cancun Cooler put me right there on the beach!  One smell of this tropical drink, and you will forget where you are.  But it’s not because of the alcohol… it’s fruity, refreshing and just the perfect way to end your day.

rainforest cafe yucatan menu

As always, don’t forget to walk around to see everything Rainforest Cafe has to offer.  From the animals near your table to the fish swimming in the aquarium, Rainforest Cafe has something for everyone!

Rainforest CafeYou can always stay up to date on the new menu options at Rainforest Cafe by visiting them online or on facebook.


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