Top 5 Hiking Trails To Visit Near Meriden, CT

The weather is beautiful and there’s no better time to find a nice hiking trail while you’re visiting Meriden, CT. From rough terrains to smooth surfaces, there’s bound to be a trail that suits your needs.

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Mile of Ledges – This is a challenging, but rewarding loop walk. Said to be the roughest section of the Tunxis Trail, the Mile of Ledges is located in the south section of Burlington, quite near Bristol.

Day Pond State Park/ Salmon River State Forest Loop Trail –  located in Colchester, you’ll find evidence of colonial era settlement and industry, which add to the enjoyment of a pleasant walk through rock-strewn woodland showing abundant signs of glacial action.

The Mianus Maze – This unique trail system, located in the Mianus River Park near Greenwich, Connecticut, is a maze of singletrack and hard-packed old carriage roads, a tantalizing network of mountain bike trails suitable for beginners and intermediates. It’s all wrapped up in a primeval, densely forested park of only 220 acres, although the wealth of trails adds up to more than 14 miles in linear distance. The 5-mile loop trail described here is just one of the many configurations that can be created from this vast network of trails. There is just enough trail variety here to initiate the novice and invigorate the archetypal, total-bent dirthead. The moderately hilly singletrack has become a popular destination for local mountain bikers. Novices can cruise on the easy carriage roads through the park, and the more technically inclined will find enough streambeds, rocks, and logs to cross and maneuver around. It makes for a full afternoon of riding. The scenery is packed with dense hardwood and conifer forests, and the trout-filled Mianus River runs through the park for more than 1 mile. Once in the park, the suburban sprawl that surrounds it is quickly left behind, and this urban oasis takes on the dimensions of a full-scale wilderness with a large variety of flora and fauna. Large rock ridges and outcrops are found throughout the park, and the forests consist of white pine, hemlock, willow, hickory, ash, birch, maples, and oak. At least twenty-two varieties of birds—including owls, hawks, and herons—live in these woods. Red fox, chipmunks, squirrels, and the white-tailed deer call this dense habitat home. Spend an afternoon riding the trails in Mianus River Park, and share in this primeval wilderness.

Appalachian Trail: Kent to St. Johns Ledges – As a day hike this is a gem, with a superb reward at the end in the form of a tremendous tumble of boulders down a precipitous but manageable cliff. Thrills and chills without having to scale the Matterhorn. If you’re walking north, gravity will be your friend.

Huntington State Park – In the town of Redding, about 8 miles southeast of Danbury. The terrain here is relatively flat, but with many short, steep climbs and descents, some made more challenging by loose terrain. Since the trails are unmarked, one can get disoriented, especially going further from the trailhead. Watch out for loose gravel and heavily eroded areas on some descents. Yield to horseback riders and avoid scaring hikers. (Announce yourself in plenty of time.)


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